Fursuit Prices

About Pricing

Prices of each fursuit will vary depending on complexity. Below are the starting prices. you must provide concept art in order to estimate the exact price.




Each head has a unique 3D printed face that can be modelled to suit your characters personality. The rest of the head is made using foam for comfort and flexibility. This way, the head won't warp over time. The heads have static foam jaws and follow me, or flat eyes.




This partial price starts with a head, paws and tail! you can add on elements such as feet paws and wings for additional prices. The Tails have a hole through the base in which a belt can be threaded through.


Plantigrade Full Suit


Plantigrade suits follow the shape of your body, so there is no padding involved. This allows for better breathability and movement. These suits come with seperate feet paws and detachable tail.

A duck tape dummy is required for this type of fursuit.


Digitigrade Full Suit


A digitigrade suit has padding throughout the legs to create the illusion of an animal-like bone structure. The suits have removable polyfil pillows for easy fursuit washing. The tails and feet paws can be made attached, or detached (to allow for the partial option). 

A duck tape dummy is required for this type of fursuit.