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Terms of Service


A 30% non-refundable down payment is required in order to accept the commission. This will secure your spot and pay for the materials needed to construct your suit. You may either pay the full amount at the point of acceptance, or the final 70% at any point before the suit is sent to you. All payment will be done via PayPal. i do not accept monthly payments.


Once commissions are open, you can send a message or email stating what type of fursuit you would like (partial/ plantigrade full-suit etc), as well as details like the eye type (2D or 3D), magnetic or poseable features, hair, claws and any other features you would like. You must also attach a concept art of your character. This must be easy to decipher and have at least two perspectives (front, back and side is preferred). Once this email is received, I will send you back a quote for what I can do. If there are any details about the suit I don’t think I can do, I will say so at this point. If you are happy with the price and other information, you can apply to the commission queue. (this form will be made available when i open commissions)

I have the right to refuse designs and features I deem inappropriate.


I will not accept commissions from anyone under the age of 18. Buyers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian commission me on their behalf.

Concept Art:

Please provide a 2 or 3 (preferred) sided flat colour reference of your character. If this reference is too hard to to read, I will ask you to redo it. If you wish to change the design before the commission has been started, you can do so, however there may be a changing fee depending on how extensive the changes are. Once work has begun on your suit, few changes will be permitted.

please avoid usage of gradients in the design unless you would like them airbrushed.


If you are ordering a full suit, you must send a duck tape dummy of your body. This will ensure the best custom fit of your suit. If you are unsure of how to make one, I will send you links to helpful videos. All DTDs are thrown away after the suit is delivered. Please let me know prior to shipping if you would like the DTD returned to you.

Kiki Chaos Creations Style:

The faces of my suits are 3D modelled and manipulated to suit your characters personality, however I will keep these bases in my style and will not mimic another fursuit makers style if asked to do so. If another fursuit has an expression you like, I can give yours a similar expression in my own style.

Allergy Warning:

These costumes are made in a house with 2 dogs. Although they are hypoallergenic and should not cause irritation.

Communication/ updates:

Contact after acceptance will be through telegram. I will inform the commissioner when I have started their suit, and they may ask for WIP photos, however I will send them whenever I have made significant progress. A link to the Trello will also be provided so the customer can see their place in queue. If the commissioner stops all communication, I will send a warning message after 30 days and then cancel the commission after another 15 days with no refund given. This is only in the event that i ask many questions/ send many messages without response.

Completion and Deadlines:

There are no guarantees on deadlines or completion dates. Unfortunately sometimes things happen that delay work. If you are wanting the suit by a certain time, you can mention it, however I cannot promise that the suit will be done by then.

As a general idea, i tend to take around 3 weeks to 2 months per suit from start to finish.

Shipping and insurance:

After the product is sent off for shipping, I am not responsible for loss or damages. The commissioner may let me know if they would like shipping insurance as well as their preference between standard and express delivery which they will be charged for.


If there are issues upon receiving your suit that are in need of repairs, I am happy to fix them. If the issue is caused by user error or being too rough with the suit, I will charge for repairs. I reserve the right to deny repairs if I feel you have intentionally caused harm to your suit.


If you wish to cancel your commission before it has been started you will receive a refund of everything except the 30% down payment. This is because the purchasing of materials has probably already been done. If the suit has been started, there may be a negotiation of how much can be refunded depending on the status of the suit, and the progress may be sent to you. If the suit hasn't been paid off, you can pay what the progress is worth. otherwise it will be eventually changed and sold as a premade.

Media/ usage:

All character rights remain the intellectual property of the commissioner, however Kiki Chaos Creations reserves the right to use images of their creations for promotional purposes.

Terms of service: Text
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